Creative and the Zen Vision: at war with more than Apple

Zen Vision small

We don't even know for sure that Apple is working on a video iPod (though we'd lay down our hard earned bucks betting they were, no doubt), but Creative's obviously not taking any chances in attempting to predict their next move with the Zen Vision. But besides finally announcing the price of the Vision ($400, which will undoubtedly severely undercut a video iPod offering), Sim Wong Hoo apparently believes their war on Apple is only small fries—what they're really after is the whole living room. Sour grapes for a losing battle? Well, exactly what they'll be doing to try and annex that territory has yet to be seen, but they're apparently placing a lot of stock in a new audio processing technology they're calling Xtreme Fidelity (X-Fi, for short), which they think we'll see in just about every kind of device eventually.

[Thanks, Jake]